Our story

Our story

The start of a new chapter, a love of America and the dream of sharing special finds from his travels, inspired Tony to start VGP Western in 2008

The dream of
the Wild Wild West...

It all began with childhood dreams of the Wild West, thanks to the cowboy films and shows of the time. Later an interest in America and American history followed.

In 2007, during his second visit to the US, Tony replaced horsepower with horseback and followed the final footsteps of Billy the Kid - a grueling 180km ride across New Mexico. More trips followed and in 2008, Tony and wife Sally established VGP Western, enabling them to share their passion for all things Americana. 

VGP Western now offer an array of interesting vintage and antique items from the US, including Silver Dollars, jewelry and car parts to pocket watches, rare books and belt buckles. Tony crafts beautiful quality leather goods from scratch, so far the list includes belts, keyrings, gun belts and holsters, bags, covers and wallets.
VGP Westerns webshop also offers a range of the popular replica badges as well as home decor items.  

Tony and Sally continue to visit the US regularly and enjoy sharing tales of the historic places and interesting people they meet along the way. Their journey so far has led them to New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming and Oklahoma, where they spend time enjoying the stunning countryside and visiting friends. Thanks to Sally overcoming her fear of horses, these visits include Tony spending time working on friends ranches - usually on horseback..

When in Denmark, time is spent on VGP Western, horserides in the North Jutland countryside and, of course, with friends and family. Tony continues to compete in black-powder championships, usually bringing along a selection of VGP Westerns collection.

Tony and Sally look forward to welcoming you to their stand at your local country music festival, craft fair, championship or at VGP Westerns showroom. Sally recommends contacting them in advance, to ensure that they have the item or items you are looking for to hand.